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Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. camryn 16 female Apex NC
Adkins Christie 49 female Apex NC
Alcocer Livy 34 female Raleigh NC
A. Jack 14 male Clayton NC
Antoine Tom 47 male Clayton NC
Arambula Perez Ana 24 female Raleigh NC
Atkinson Maxine 73 female Cary NC
Atti-Uptegrow Christina 40 female FV NC
Bass Jane 78 female Cary NC
Bishop Heather 48 female Cary NC
B. Lindsey 17 female Cary NC
Black maggie 73 female raleigh NC
Blackman Carl 80 male Raleigh NC
Blackwell Amy 77 female Raleigh NC
Boezeman Nola 54 female Holly Springs NC
Boezeman John 52 male Holly Springs NC
brehony deva 64 female Apex NC
Brehony JP 69 male Apex NC
Brothers Aaron 75 male Raleigh NC
Brothers Pam 75 female Raleigh NC
Brown Leronia 38 female Apex NC
Cassimatis Alice 79 female Cary NC
Chen Diane 69 female Raleigh NC
Clark Julia 49 female Raleigh NC
Clayton Ed 79 male Cary NC
Corbin Catherine 70 female Cary NC
Corbin John 74 male Cary NC
courts elayne 52 female cary NC
c. tess 15 female cary NC
Cox Jeanell 45 female Durham NC
Dagnino Carla 62 female Cary NC
Dagnino Aldo 64 male Cary NC
Daniels Ashanti 40 female Garner NC
D. Atticus 4 male Garner NC
Davis Mike 82 male Cary NC
Davis Virginia 80 female Cary NC
Edwards Joi 43 female Holly Springs NC
Efird Ruth 73 female Cary NC
Ericksen Hannah 23 female Apex NC
Ficklin Tom 41 male Apex NC
Fleming Crystal 39 female Raleigh NC
Glass Steve 80 male Cary NC
Glass martha 76 female Cary NC
Glass Steve 80 male Cary NC
gomez Amalia 49 female cary NC
graben mel 74 male Cary NC
Graley Megan 25 female cary NC
Griffin Keith 34 male Burlington NC
Hancox eileen 82 female Raleigh NC
Harden Neill 67 male Cary NC
h. Kelly 13 female Cary NC
Harmon Christina 43 female cary NC
H. Kaelyn 15 female Cary NC
Hatch Susan 73 female Raleigh NC
Howell Ron 64 male Cary NC
Huffman kellie 43 female Cary NC
H. Ellery 14 female Cary NC
I. Nathaniel 13 male Durham NC
C. Isaac 12 male Durham NC
I. Benjamin 9 male Durham NC
Ingram Christopher 46 male Durham NC
Jablonski Susan 59 female cary NC
Kiel Judy 61 female Raleigh NC
Kistler Glenn 61 male Selma SC
Kistler Nancy 62 female Selma NC
Latta Barbara 79 female Raleigh NC
lear kirk 56 male oFallon IL
Roach Bernard 83 male Cary NC
lowe laura 48 female holly Springs NC
Marley Barbara 61 female Cary NC
Mathews Jean 78 female Cary NC
Mathews Harry 81 male Cary NC
McClellan John 73 male Cary NC
McClellan Irene 76 female Cary NC
McCutchen Quinn 51 male Clemmons NC
Allen Wilma 85 female Cary NC
mcgettrick John 76 male cary NC
Miller Carolyn 76 female Raleigh NC
Munsen Emmanuelle 53 female Raleigh NC
Murley Suzanne 54 female Apex NC
M. Jasmine 15 female Apex NC
murphy dana 44 female cary NC
M. Isabelle 17 female Raleigh NC
M. catherine (Cate) 13 female cary NC
nazari diana 32 female Durham NC
Newkirk Emily 74 female Raleigh NC
Pappas Debbie 68 female Raleigh NC
Parli Rose 80 female Raleigh NC
Perez Maria 47 female cary NC
Ravn Brian 59 male Raleigh NC
Robertson Karen 51 female Raleigh NC
Reaugh Peggy 73 female Raleigh NC
Reaugh Duane 73 male Raleigh NC
Rice Carolyn 50 female Angier NC
Rice Marc 52 male Angier NC
Mendez Maria 37 female Cary NC
R. Maryn 5 female Angier NC
Roach Suzette 59 female Cary NC
Roach-Howell Carson 25 male Cary NC
Rossi Jean 82 female Cary NC
Salisbury Kymberle 58 female Cary NC
Salisbury Al 65 male Cary NC
Schroter Mary Kay 54 female Cary NC
Schroter Russell 53 male Cary NC
Setliff Ally 36 female Cary NC
Slatta Richard 73 male Cary NC
Slupianek Larry 73 male Cary NC
Smith Emily 41 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Spine Nicole 20 female Holly Springs NC
Spine Michael 50 male Holly Springs NC
Spine Maria 51 female Holly Springs NC
Stevens Ben 32 male Apex NC
Thorne Maurice 91 male Cary NC
T. Ella 15 female durham NC
Tuttle Carrie 46 female Durham NC
Tuttle Chris 44 male Durham NC
V. frances 13 female Cary NC
vaughan elizabeth 47 female cary NC
Villalta Martha 32 female Durham NC
Villalta tony 35 male Durham NC
Warner Jane 66 female APEX NC
Webb Patrice 63 female Clayton NC
Yarger Sue 78 female Cary NC
Yarger Larry 82 male Cary NC