04/30/2016 @ 10:00 am

5th Annual Stampede 5K & Mustang Mile

5K, 1 Mile Run

Apex, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Arbutina Jack 21 Male Raleigh NC
Arbutina Deedee 35 Female Raleigh NC
Arbutina Chris 45 Female Raleigh NC
Arbutina Alyssa 22 Female Raleigh NC
B. Reed 14 Male Apex NC
B. Andrew 13 Male Apex NC
B. Luke 13 Male Apex NC
B. Benjamin 14 Male Apex NC
B. Nathan 17 Male Apex NC
Baker Lindsay 44 Female Apex NC
Baker Aaron 45 Male Apex NC
Brown Zachariah 46 Male Raleigh NC
Byron Terry 53 Male Apex NC
Byron Nicole 23 Female Apex NC
Byron Heather 20 Female Apex NC
Byron Margie 52 Female Apex NC
Copperthwaite Lauren 22 Female Cary NC
Curry Heather 47 Female Holly Springs NC
Curry Kevin 45 Male Holly Springs NC
Fisher Jacob 22 Male Apex NC
Fisher Katelyn 20 Female Apex NC
Gottberg Amanda 30 Female Apex NC
Gottberg Lore 58 Female Apex NC
Hunter Amir 33 Male Raleigh NC
J. Ty 17 Male Apex NC
Jayes Kevin 63 Male Cary NC
King AJ 22 Male Cary NC
King Brian 54 Male Cary NC
Lawrence Jack 21 Male Apex NC
M. Ethan 12 Male Apex NC
M. Parker 14 Male Apex NC
Majette Dawson 22 Male Holly Springs NC
Majette Cindy 57 Female Holly Springs NC
Majette Dylan 22 Male Holly Springs NC
Marcotte John 53 Male Apex NC
McDowell Amy 36 Female Raleigh NC
Moga Bryant Catherine 49 Female Apex NC
Moody Brent 51 Male Apex NC
P T 53 Male Cary NC
Pereira Anthony 22 Male Raleigh NC
Post Mary 55 Female Apex NC
Post Scott 57 Male Apex NC
Russell Brian 63 Male Raleigh NC
Ryan Lindsay 21 Female Fuquay Varina NC
S. Tripp 14 Male Apex NC
S. Austin 15 Male Apex NC
S. Cooper 12 Male Apex NC
S. Andrew 17 Male WAKE NC
Sanger Steve 52 Male WAKE NC
Schmitt Adam 21 Male Apex NC
Schwartz Graham 21 Male Apex NC
Schwartz Garrett 53 Male Raleigh NC
Shipman Megan 20 Female Cary NC
Smith Julie 44 Female Apex NC
Smith Meghan 22 Female Raleigh NC
Solomon Scott 65 Male Apex NC
T. Scarlett 11 Female Holly Springs NC
T. Brady 16 Male Apex NC
T. Brett 15 Male Holly Springs NC
T. Cole 15 Male Apex NC
Talbot Anna 44 Female Apex NC
Tan Miranda 21 Female Apex NC
Tangeman Sarah 46 Female Apex NC
Turner Summer 40 Female Raleigh NC
Vonkchalee Jarrod 21 Male Apex NC
Wagner chris 38 Male Fort bragg NC
Weinberg Hunter 22 Male Apex NC
Welch Mason 21 Male Raleigh NC
West Garner 21 Male Apex NC
williams keely 54 Female apex NC
williams shay 21 Female apex NC
williams dave 54 Male apex NC
Worden Dave 58 Male Apex NC
Worden Trina 53 Female Apex NC
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