About Small Hands Big Hearts United

The Small Hands Big Hearts United Story

"The driving force behind Small Hands Big Hearts United was the result of a 7 year old asking a simple question."

One night while watching the news of the aftermath of the Philippine Typhoon Haiyan disaster in November of 2013, a 7 year old little girl looked at her parents with those all too familiar inquisitive eyes and asked, “What are we doing to help those children ?”  It was a moment they will never forget.  However, not because this was the FIRST time she had held them accountable and showed instinctive compassion, but it was because they realized that it needed to be the LAST time they didn’t have an answer for her regardless of her age.

The first step to always having an answer to a child's question, "What are we doing to help" was answered by forming an organization for the Community, run by the Community that breaks all barriers of age restriction, logistics and time restraints.  This problem needed to be resolved and this idea was sparked by a child and presently Small Hands Big Hearts United  continues to grow because of compassionate sparks of children's instinctive compassion.  These programs are called Compassion Missions and led by the Small Handers and Ambassador Tweens and Teens.  

SHBHU believes it is up to us as parents and a society to provide children impactful ways to help others and the world around them.  It empowers them and makes them feel like they can truly can make a difference....and they do.  Nurturing this compassion at any age is helping us as a society grow and saturate the next generation leading the world with a philanthropic spirit.

Small Hands Big Hearts United provides creative and impactful charitable programs that will assist you in nurturing your child's natural instinct to help others and the world around them without any logistical or age restrictive barriers.

The funds raised at the SHBHU Java Jive Jog 10k/5k will go towards funding Compassion Missions sparked by these children.  Here is a list of present SHBHU Compassion Committees:

1. Hearts and Hands Across Borders - Thailand, Haiti and Dominican Republic Initiative   
2. Hearts to Tables - Compassion Missions to fight Hunger

3. Hearts to Smiles - Compassion Missions for the sick, wounded soldiers and our elderly
4. Hearts to Homes - Compassion Missions for the homeless
5. Hearts to Others - Compassion Missions for animals and the environment
6. Ambassador Passing the Torch Program - Compassion Missions independently organized, managed and led by our Ambassador Tweens and Teens through our Roadmap Mentorship Program.

Register your children today to be Small Hander or a SHBHU Ambassador!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."  Aesop