08/27/2016 @ 8:00 am

Love Where You Live Bash & Dash

5K, 1 Mile Run

Raleigh, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Adin Darcy 51 Female Raleigh NC
Agama Karen 55 Female Raleigh NC
Agama Mike 20 Male Raleigh NC
Alicea Linda 46 Female Raleigh NC
Arruza Dwayne 62 Male Apex NC
Arruza Sophie 18 Female APEX NC
B. Campbell 16 Female Apex NC
B. Bryon 11 Male Cary NC
b. audrey 13 Female Holly Springs NC
b. Thomas 15 Male Holly Springs NC
b. henry 15 Male cary NC
B. Madison 14 Female Apex NC
B. Caitlin 11 Female Apex NC
B. Olivia 18 Female Raleigh NC
B. Hudson 14 Male Apex NC
Baker JB 45 Male Apex NC
Baker Keenan 19 Male Apex NC
Baker Courtney 43 Female Apex NC
Bandy Rick 59 Male Holly Springs NC
Barry Melissa 43 Female Apex NC
Barry Chris 43 Male Apex NC
bittler anna 18 Female cary NC
bittler leah 20 Female cary NC
Bolton Collis 38 Male Acworth GA
Bookman Jonah 44 Male Cary NC
Bortone Angela 42 Female Durham NC
bradford regan 21 Female cary NC
bradford ashlin 21 Female cary NC
bradley amy 48 Female Holly Springs NC
bradley eric 48 Male Holly Springs NC
bradley Amelia 19 Female Holly Springs NC
Broadwell Beth 52 Female Apex NC
Brookhart Megan 51 Female Cary NC
Church Molly 21 Female Holly Springs NC
Ciancarelli Sophia 19 Female Apex NC
Ciancarelli Matthew 22 Male Apex NC
Clese Cindy 58 Female Raleigh NC
Clese Cindy 58 Female Raleigh NC
Cole Wesley 56 Male Cary NC
Cunningham Jenny 37 Female Cary NC
D'Arruda Kim 49 Female Cary NC
D. Carrie 16 Female Cary NC
Davenport Damon 31 Male apex NC
Dayton Salina 41 Female Raleigh NC
DeCico Kristy 44 Female Apex NC
Deis Kate 18 Female Cary NC
Deis Nicole 19 Female Cary NC
Douglas Brendan 20 Male Fuquay Varina NC
F. Jennings 14 Male Cary NC
Falivena Larry 53 Male Apex NC
Fallor Evan 30 Male Arlington VA
Farless Kelly 54 Female Cary NC
Farmer Stacy 50 Female Raleigh NC
Fitts Greg 53 Male Cary NC
Fitts Jeremie 22 Male Cary NC
Fitts Pascale 52 Female Cary NC
Fitzhugh Amy 49 Female Cary NC
Foellmer Karen 50 Female Holly Springs NC
Fowler Katie 32 Female Raleigh NC
Gill Mandy 59 Female Cary NC
Gill Mandy 59 Female Cary NC
Giuggio Santoro 23 Male Apex NC
Grinstead Lexie 19 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Grinstead Dan 54 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Grinstead Jackie 50 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Grinstead Ben 24 Male Fuquay Varina NC
H. Anna 13 Female Cary NC
H. Connor 15 Male Cary NC
H. Jake 11 Male Cary NC
H. Mason 15 Male Cary NC
H. Jonathan 16 Male Cary NC
Hale Kirsten 22 Female Apex NC
Hart Sandy 54 Female Apex NC
Hartsfield Tomeka 47 Female Chapel Hill NC
Hegar Kathy 54 Female Cary ND
Hendges Melissa 52 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Hess Caryn 45 Female Cary NC
Hess Matt 46 Male Cary NC
Hoyle Rick 66 Male Cary NC
Jacobs Laura 52 Female Cary NC
James Andrew 19 Male Cary NC
Jensen Olivia 77 Female Raleigh NC
Kamal Anastasia 43 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Kemp Christy 47 Female Apex NC
Kinrade Aj 18 Male Garner NC
klinedinst tory 46 Female Holly Springs NC
Knight William 64 Male Cary NC
Lauffer Landon 20 Male Apex NC
Lauffer Christian 23 Male Apex NC
Lauffer Matthew 54 Male Apex NC
Lawrence Jennifer 42 Female Raleigh NC
Lisiecki Megan 43 Female Holly Springs NC
Logan-Simmons LaWanda 44 Female Willow Spring NC
Lory Andrew 58 Male Cary NC
Luna Brett 58 Male Apex NC
Luna Isabel 19 Female Apex NC
M. Alister 12 Male Cary NC
M. Landon 14 Male Raleigh NC
M. Carter 16 Male Raleigh NC
M. Philip 13 Male Raleigh NC
M. Evan 11 Male Holly Springs NC
M. Kate 15 Female Cary NC
M. James 13 Male Apex NC
M. Ansley 13 Female Raleigh NC
M. Arya 9 Female Cary NC
M. Katie 16 Female Cary NC
M. Adelaide 14 Female Cary NC
Marks Beth 49 Female Apex NC
Masier Noah 18 Male Cary NC
Masier Terri 56 Female Cary NC
Masier Darren 55 Male Cary NC
Mathew Thomas 44 Male Apex NC
McGann Shane 32 Male Apex NC
McKinley Charla 49 Female Cary NC
McLeod Kimaada 44 Female Holly Springs NC
McLeod Anita 46 Female Raleigh NC
Meeson Kate 19 Female Cary NC
Murphy Dru 43 Female Raleigh NC
Murphy John 70 Male Sanford NC
Murphy Nick 42 Male Raleigh NC
Murray Ryan 45 Male Cary NC
Murray Dylan 18 Male Cary NC
Murray Joanna 45 Female Cary NC
Murray Kylie 18 Female Cary NC
N. Anna 15 Female Cary NC
Nielsen Felicia 31 Female Apex NC
Nolan Jaime 46 Female Apex NC
Null Jamie 46 Female Cary NC
Obusek Jacqueline 52 Female Cary NC
Olson Megan 43 Female Holly springs NC
Oxendine Brittany 29 Female Raleigh NC
P. Sloan 13 Female Apex NC
P. Danielle 17 Female Cary NC
Parlin Angela 46 Female Cary NC
Pendergraph James 69 Male Hillsborough NC
Petersen Kenneth 56 Male Holly Springs NC
Phipps Angela 49 Female Cary NC
Pittman Robin 46 Female Apex NC
Popa Stefanie 42 Female Apex NC
Popa Stefanie 42 Female Apex NC
Popa Stefanie 42 Female Apex NC
Popa Stefanie 42 Female Apex NC
Porter Logan 20 Male Cary NC
Q. Hagan 18 Male Cary NC
Quinto Mike 53 Male Blowing rock NC
R. Kieran (KR) 17 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Rhoads Thomas 18 Male Cary NC
Rhoads Elizabeth 50 Female Cary NC
Ritter Kelly 49 Female Cary NC
Rutledge Lillian 20 Female Cary NC
S. Teagan 13 Female apex NC
S. Cyaan 16 Female Willow Spring NC
S. Mary 12 Female Cary NC
S. Aubrey 12 Female Raleigh NC
S. Jackson 14 Male Raleigh NC
S. Charlie 17 Female Cary NC
S. Caroline 14 Female Cary NC
Saenz Samantha 20 Female Apex NC
Saenz Christina 19 Female Apex NC
scheibner taylor 20 Male cary NC
Scro Chris 23 Female Holly Springs NC
Sevio Joelle 48 Female apex NC
Sigmon Kaden 19 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Sigmon Kellie 49 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Sirhal Amy 44 Female Cary NC
Sirhal Geoff 44 Male Cary NC
Smith Pete 42 Male Raleigh NC
Smith Pete 42 Male Raleigh NC
Sossaman Will 22 Male Raleigh NC
Stephens Liane 46 Female Raleigh NC
Stone Zack 33 Male Clayton NC
Stone Meagan 32 Female Clayton NC
T. Addison 16 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Tew Amy 47 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Tew Chase 48 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Tew Cooper 18 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Thorne Trek 21 Male Cary NC
Thorne Levi 19 Male Cary NC
Tischer Cade 19 Male raleigh NC
Tischer Jason 47 Male Raleigh NC
Turchetti Joe 53 Male Raleigh NC
Vanderkin Thomas 52 Male Cary NC
Vanderkin Samuel 19 Male Cary NC
Vaughan Chase 19 Male Raleigh NC
W. Patrick 14 Male Raleigh NC
W. Will 18 Male Raleigh NC
Wakefield Alison 45 Female Apex NC
Walters Chad 48 Male Raleigh NC
Walters Elizabeth 50 Female Raleigh NC
Warlick Daniel 19 Male Cary NC
Wells Ian 23 Male Raleigh NC
Weyand Kelli 40 Female Cary NC
Weyand Brandon 41 Male Cary NC
Whelpley Isaiah 40 Male Apex NC
Whelpley Kat 41 Female Apex NC
Wright Melinda 49 Female Raleigh NC
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