04/13/2019 @ 9:00 am

9th Annual Bunn Fun Walk/Run

5K, 1 Mile Run

Bunn High School
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. Ben 16 male Wendell NC
A. Jacob 12 male Wendell NC
Adeniji Peters 64 male Knightdale NC
Anderson Terry 65 male Bunn NC
Arendt Boni 58 female Louisburg NC
Aston Erin 45 female Wendell NC
Aston Dean 49 male Wendell NC
B. Emily 12 female Bunn NC
B. Denham 8 male Norfolk VA
B. Chance 11 male Norfolk VA
B. Jayla 14 female Bunn NC
B. Shawn 13 male Bunn NC
B. Banks 17 male Norfolk VA
B. Amari 16 female Zebulon NC
B. Noah 14 male Norfolk VA
Barnett Kelly 37 female Bunn NC
Baskerville Bryant 21 male Bunn NC
Bobbitt Deborah 53 female Bunn NC
Boney Aron 47 male Norfolk VA
Boney Lilja 20 female Norfolk VA
Boney Allyn 44 female Norfolk VA
Boney Adam 19 male Norfolk VA
braswell robert 49 male wake forest NC
Buck Amanda 37 female Bunn NC
C. Chloe 10 female zebulon NC
C. Spencer 14 male Bunn NC
C. Chelsea 14 female Bunn NC
C. Chloe 10 female Louisburg NC
C. Caiden 13 male Bunn NC
Carpenter Callie 39 female zebulon NC
Cobb Haley 28 female Bunn NC
Costantino Sebastian 46 male Louisburg NC
Crenshaw Kelly 45 female Raleigh NC
Cruise Megan 28 female Bunn NC
Davis Nancy 60 female louisburg NC
E. Angelina 14 female Bunn NC
Elliott Marcus 39 male Wendell NC
Elliott Letisha 36 female WENDELL NC
Eschbach Christina 46 female Louisburg NC
Eschbach Chris 49 male Louisburg NC
F. Jonathan 14 female Bunn NC
Fair Karol 67 female Rougemont NC
G. Clara 9 female Zebulon NC
G. Juan 13 male Bunn NC
G. David 16 male Bunn NC
Gardner Holly 50 female Zebulon NC
Garrett Christina 26 female Bunn NC
Gelo Lucas 42 male Zebulon NC
Gibbs Britney 33 female youngsville NC
Goodwin Betty 72 female Louisburg NC
griffin frances 75 female castalia NC
H. Jadyn 13 male Bunn NC
H. Layla 11 female Bunn NC
H. Clint 15 male Zebulon NC
H. Andrew 15 male Bunn NC
Harvey Megan 23 female Wake Forest NC
Hicks Jill 57 female ZEBULON NC
Hocutt Melissa 38 female Spring Hope NC
Hocutt Jeremy 40 male Spring Hope NC
Hodgin Claire 25 female Bunn NC
Horton Rebecca 83 female Louisburg NC
howell patricia 56 female youngsville NC
howell ron 66 male youngsville NC
I. Sally 15 female Louisburg NC
J. Korah 12 female Bunn NC
J. Ariana 15 female Bunn NC
Job Amy 49 female Louisburg NC
Johns Christopher 25 male Myerstown PA
Johns Stephanie 56 female Zebulon NC
Johns Michael 49 male Zebulon NC
johnson elizabeth 69 female bunn NC
Kelly Kevin 31 male youngsville NC
Kimble Crystal 44 female Bunn NC
L. Samantha 14 female Bunn NC
L. Karen 13 female Bunn NC
Lee Daryl 38 male Zebulon NC
Lee Jessica 33 female Zebulon NC
M. Liam 13 male Bunn NC
M. Miranda 15 female Zebulon NC
M. Casey 13 female Bunn NC
M. Makayla 14 female Bunn NC
Mcnamara Jim 53 male Louisburg NC
Miller Karen 44 female Zebulon NC
Miller-Patton Kathey 60 female Louisburg NC
Newbold Christine 62 female Bunn NC
Newbold Timothy 63 male Bunn NC
Newsome Zachary 22 male Bunn NC
Nicholson Donna 63 female WALLACE NC
O. Gabriel 13 male Bunn NC
Proctor Zackary 27 male zebulon NC
Puryear Jason 39 male Bunn NC
R. Tori 13 female Bunn NC
R. Ty'yanna 13 female Bunn NC
R. Samira 14 female Bunn NC
R. Isis 15 female Bunn NC
R. Freddy 13 male Bunn NC
S. Elaine 12 female Zebulon NC
S. Kate 15 female Zebulon NC
Schmeltz Bonnie 75 female Louisburg NC
Simpson Hayden 20 male Zebulon NC
Simpson Alice 43 female Bunn NC
Strickland Tammy 55 female Middlesex NC
Strickland Dollie 80 female Zebulon NC
Swearingen Katie 20 female Louisburg NC
Vens Ryan 34 male Bunn NC
W. Haley 14 female Bunn NC
W. Landon 14 male Bunn NC
Wagner Joyce 44 female Bunn NC
Yancey Robert 28 male Bunn NC
showing 109 rows