09/27/2014 @ 8:30 am

8th Annual Patrol Stroll

5K, 1 Mile Run

Raleigh, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
B. Ryley 14 Female Benson NC
B. Cooper 16 Female Four Oaks NC
Bahn Carl 61 Male Willow Spring NC
Barbour Breane 43 Female Four Oaks NC
Barbour Bryan 47 Male Four Oaks NC
Barnes Elaine 60 Female Raleigh, NC 27616 NC
Barringer Cartney 35 Male Raleigh NC
Bird Paula 60 Female Raleigh NC
Blanks James 55 Male Raleigh NC
Brady Leslie 69 Female Raleigh NC
Brinkley Ethan 20 Male Benson NC
Brinkley Evan 22 Male Benson NC
Brunet Jim 55 Male Apex NC
Buckles Angela 45 Female Morrisville NC
C. Michael 17 Male Garner NC
C. Jeff 5 Male Raleigh NC
Campos Kristi 53 Female Cary NC
Campos Christian 52 Male Cary NC
Caraballo Jennifer 49 Female Raleigh NC
Caves Arlene 48 Female Garner NC
Christensen Brad 44 Male Raleigh NC
Clapp Tim 52 Male Hurdle Mills NC
Clapp callie 28 Female Hurdle Mills NC
Cortez Bonnie 67 Female Coats NC
Cotton Joseph 50 Male Dunn NC
Cummins Mary 52 Female Holly Springs NC
D. Fiona 11 Female Durham NC
DiPaolo Jenny 41 Female Durham NC
DiPaolo Rick 45 Male Durham NC
Dodd Chip 74 Male Cary NC
Dugan Dane 30 Male durham NC
Earle Karyn 34 Female Durham NC
English Barbara 75 Female Raleigh NC
Faber Lee 46 Male Durham NC
Fair Matt 40 Male Cary NC
Feldhousen Elizabeth 44 Female Washington NC
Filippi Zachary 21 Male Raleigh NC
Gillaspie Don 64 Male Clayton NC
Glen Allyson 34 Female Durham NC
Gouveia-Pisano Julie (TJ) 60 Female Holly Springs NC
Grey William 60 Male Raleigh NC
Gross Cindy 36 Female Morrisville NC
Gurganus Angela 49 Female Wallace NC
Harrington Cailee 21 Female Holly Springs NC
Harrington Wendy 58 Female Holly springs NC
Harris Portia 55 Female Morrisville NC
Harris VeeCee 46 Female High Point NC
Harrison Jacquelyn 55 Female Raleigh NC
Hill Carol 62 Male Raleigh NC
Holley Samantha 25 Female Coats NC
Holtzman Adam 64 Male Raleigh NC
Huff Sandy 49 Female Holly Springs NC
Hurdle Christopher 41 Male Raleigh NC
Hurdle Brooke 35 Female RALEIGH NC
Johnson William 46 Male Garland NC
latta barbara 81 Female raleigh NC
Lee Charles 56 Male Raleigh NC
M. Bella 17 Female Holly Springs NC
Marsh David 26 Male Greensboro NC
McDowell Sarah 41 Female Manteo NC
McTurner Meg 47 Female Raleigh NC
Miller Laura 49 Female Raleigh NC
Miller Nazaly 59 Female Holly Springs NC
Mitchell John 79 Male Raleigh NC
Moe Joey 40 Male Cary NC
Moorehead Trent 56 Male Holly Springs NC
Moorehead Wendy 54 Female Holly Springs NC
Moorehead Zack 23 Male Holly Springs NC
morgan Allison 36 Female poquoson VA
Moussa Hanan 63 Female Raleigh NC
Moy Steven 34 Male Raleigh NC
Moy Elizabeth 34 Female Raleigh NC
Murphy John 70 Male Sanford NC
N. Jack 16 Male Garner NC
Nelson Sarah 49 Female Garner NC
Nichols Mark 77 Male Raleigh NC
Overton Kim 57 Female Raleigh NC
P. Joshua 11 Male Raleigh NC
P. Trinity 13 Female Raleigh NC
Palango Vernon 56 Male Cary NC
Pegues Amani 23 Male Raleigh NC
Pegues Tamika 44 Female Raleigh NC
Pereira Sean 37 Male Raleigh NC
Pisano Mark 63 Male Holly Springs NC
Pisano Zach 24 Male Holly Springs NC
Pisegna Gina 48 Female Durham NC
Poliachik Paul 53 Male Holly Springs NC
Preston Jaret 45 Male Cary NC
Preston Sarah 42 Female Cary NC
Prince David 53 Male Raleigh NC
Pyland Joel 45 Male Bailey NC
R. Ella 17 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Rafferty Jack 82 Male Whitsett NC
Ravn Brian 60 Male Raleigh NC
Rieson Kim 48 Female High Point NC
Riggs Michael 37 Male New Bern NC
Riggs Sarah 38 Female New Bern NC
Rinehart Stacy 49 Female Holly Springs NC
Robertson Karen 53 Female Raleigh NC
Rohn Cindy 49 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Schloot Dawn 51 Female Raleigh NC
Sharma Ekartha 19 Male Raleigh NC
Slupianek Larry 74 Male Cary NC
Smith Jason 45 Male Holly springs NC
Spock Gary 63 Male Holly Springs NC
Taylor Jack 22 Male Raleigh NC
Taylor Guy 54 Male Raleigh NC
tayouga elhaj 65 Male chapel hill NC
Thurston Will 50 Male Mount Olive NC
Thurston Haley 23 Female Mount Olive NC
Tu Jenny 48 Female Cary NC
Tucker Tommy 59 Male Norlina NC
Tyler Brent 36 Male Red Springs NC
Urban Jesse 40 Male Garner NC
Villadsen Peter 52 Male Holly Springs NC
W. Adeline 17 Female Rose Hill NC
W. Noel 17 Female Raleigh NC
Waggoner Richard 63 Male Cary NC
Wallace David 79 Male Raleigh NC
Weaver Jill 50 Female Raleigh NC
West Bonnie 56 Female New Bern NC
Wiggan Omar 43 Male Raleigh NC
Wilcox Maria 52 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Wilson Leigh 67 Female Raleigh NC
Wuebbles Dustin 44 Male Rose Hill NC
Z. Keira 11 Female Holly Springs NC
Z. Abby 12 Female Holly Springs NC
Zupancic Bateman Stacy 49 Female Raleigh NC
showing 129 rows