04/22/2017 @ 10:00 am

6th Annual Stampede Superheroes 5K & Mustang Mile

We have a new course that is flat, fast and easy! You can visit https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/yArO1eZyxZ

Apex, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. Stefan 14 Male Apex NC
A. Nicholas 13 Male Cary NC
B. William 9 Male Raleigh NC
B. Benjamin 14 Male Apex NC
B. Alexandra 16 Female Apex NC
Babyak Nick 20 Male Apex NC
Batess Yassin 20 Male Raleigh NC
Becerra Julian 21 Male Apex NC
Benitez Judy 42 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Boadwine Kacy 38 Female Raleigh NC
Bobeng Cheryl 53 Female Apex NC
Bullard Travis 47 Male Apex NC
Bullard Joseph 21 Male Apex NC
Buser Ashleigh 20 Female Holly Springs NC
Byron Nicole 23 Female Apex NC
Byron Margie 52 Female Apex NC
Byron Heather 21 Female Apex NC
Byron Terry 53 Male Apex NC
C. Alexa 18 Female Apex NC
Catolico Alfred 51 Male apex NC
catolico katherine 47 Female Apex NC
Coghan Allison 22 Female Apex NC
Costa Sandra 42 Female Apex NC
d. Robbie 14 Male Apex NC
D. Julia 15 Female Apex NC
da Rosa Fernando 45 Male Apex NC
DiDonato Stacy 46 Female Raleigh NC
Dott Samantha 19 Male Apex NC
Dott Jeremy 51 Male Apex NC
Dott Leslie 50 Female Apex NC
Fisher Jacob Austin 22 Male Apex NC
Fisher Kristin 49 Female Cary NC
Fisher Amy 49 Female Apex NC
Fisher Katelyn 20 Female Apex NC
Fisher Jacob 20 Male Cary NC
Godoy Wolfgang 23 Male Garner NC
Griffin Amber 20 Female Holly Springs NC
Heinen Sarah 18 Female Apex NC
Hutchens Logan 21 Male Apex NC
Jablonski Lindsey 22 Female Apex NC
Jayes Kevin 63 Male Cary NC
Jolley Caleb 21 Male Apex NC
Kelley Melissa 43 Female Fuquay Varina NC
L. Mary 15 Female Apex NC
Lam Andrew 20 Male Apex NC
Lohmeyer Jeffrey 45 Male Apex NC
M. Eddie 14 Male willow spring NC
M. Sophia 14 Female Apex NC
M. Andrew 15 Male Apex NC
Marcotte John 53 Male Apex NC
McCray Brenda 62 Female Huntsville AL
Mitchell Shawn 52 Male Apex NC
N. Avery 11 Female Apex NC
N. Alex 14 Male Apex NC
Nowak Scott 52 Male Apex NC
Patterson Elisabeth 20 Female Apex NC
Penwell Matt 48 Male Raleigh NC
Penwell Ryan 48 Male Raleigh NC
Penwell Chris 20 Male Raleigh NC
Pereira Anthony 22 Male Raleigh NC
Pollack Alissa 33 Female Raleigh NC
Ramirez Laurie 48 Female apex NC
Ramirez Sebastian 21 Male apex NC
Ramirez Dillon 19 Male apex NC
Richards Tracy 52 Female Apex NC
Richards Reid 20 Male Apex NC
Robertson Silvia 47 Female Apex NC
Robertson David 48 Male Apex NC
Robertson Alex 20 Male Apex NC
Rossmell Nicolette 32 Female Apex NC
S. Norah 15 Female Apex NC
S. Michael 15 Male Apex NC
S. Kyleigh 16 Female Apex NC
Sheridan Shannon 49 Female Apex NC
Sheridan Michael 51 Male Apex NC
Shipman Megan 20 Female Cary NC
silvia stacy 52 Female apex NC
Slaight Jimmy 23 Male apex NC
Sproehnle Diana 67 Female Apex NC
Stiles Jaykeb 21 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Sullivan Charlene 44 Female Apex NC
Sutton Alex 24 Male Apex NC
T. Brady 16 Male Apex NC
T. Cole 15 Male Apex NC
Tangeman Sarah 46 Female Apex NC
Tangeman Mike 45 Male Apex NC
Tassone Sienna 21 Female Apex NC
V. Ashley 17 Female Apex NC
Vetter Kelly 49 Female Apex NC
Vetter Brian 50 Male Apex NC
Vetter Kyle 20 Male Apex NC
Volat Joscelyn 51 Female Holly Springs NC
Walsh Jim 64 Male Apex NC
Welch Mason 21 Male Raleigh NC
Williams Dave 54 Male apex NC
Williams Keely 54 Female Apex NC
Wilson Kali 20 Female Holly Springs NC
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