09/17/2016 @ 9:00 am

The 4th Annual Piper's Promise 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

5K, 1 Mile Run

Goldsboro, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. Dade 13 Male Goldsboro NC
A. Justin 15 Female Goldsboro NC
Adams Jean 64 Female Snow Hill NC
Adams Eddie 64 Male Snow Hill NC
Aponte Michael 40 Male Goldsboro NC
Aponte Crystal 43 Female Goldsboro NC
Armitage Jerri 87 Female Attica OH
Arnold Justin 41 Male Goldsboro NC
Arnold Heather 44 Female Goldsboro NC
B. Maysa 8 Female Faison NC
B. Ava 16 Female Goldsboro NC
Barnes Rebecca 38 Female Goldsboro NC
Barnes Kim 57 Female Wilson NC
Benton Cynthia 63 Female Goldsboro NC
Best Suzanne 49 Female Pikeville NC
Blake Jon 49 Male Goldsboro NC
Blake Ashley 41 Female Goldsboro NC
Bolechowski Mia 18 Female Goldsboro NC
Bolechowski Michael 46 Male Goldsboro NC
Bradshaw Heather 38 Female Faison NC
Bradshaw Bradley 38 Male Faison NC
Britt Robert 44 Male Goldsboro NC
Brock Candice 43 Female Pikeville NC
C. Payton 12 Female Goldsboro NC
C. Jaxon 10 Male Centerburg OH
C. Jaelynn 12 Female Centerburg OH
C. Brayden 16 Male La Grange NC
C. Beckett 13 Male Goldsboro NC
Caldwell Courtney 36 Female Centerburg OH
coleman keith 49 Male faison NC
Colon Juan 47 Male Wilson NC
Conley John 68 Female Attica OH
Conley Darla 64 Female Attica OH
Cox Sherri 51 Female Goldsboro NC
D. Natalie 16 Female Godlsboro NC
Davis CW 56 Male Godlsboro NC
Davis Jennifer 49 Female Godlsboro NC
Driver Christina 42 Female Faison NC
Ellis Pandy 43 Female Goldsboro NC
F. Annalise 17 Female Goldsboro NC
F. Addison 12 Female Pikeville NC
F. Harper 16 Female Pikeville NC
Fields Jennifer 39 Female Pikeville NC
Fitzmorris Rob 48 Male Goldsboro NC
Flowers Christy 46 Female Pikeville NC
Freeman Lillian 22 Female Dudley NC
Freeman Sharon 65 Female Dudley NC
Ginn Pam 67 Female Pikeville NC
Ginn Donnie 67 Male Pikeville NC
Grimmer Randall 51 Male Pikeville NC
H. Ella 12 Female pikeville NC
H. Zada 10 Female Pikeville NC
H. Cooper 9 Male Goldsboro NC
H. Carrly 12 Female Faison NC
H. Gabriella 12 Female Goldsboro NC
H. Isabella 12 Female Goldsboro NC
Hall Jennifer 31 Female Goldsboro NC
Hannant Regan 43 Female Pikeville NC
Hannant Steven 44 Male Pikeville NC
Herring Lori 51 Female Goldsboro NC
Hinnant Carey 38 Female Goldsboro NC
Hoffman Doug 56 Male New Bern NC
Holland Kelly 34 Female Faison NC
Hood Mary Ellen 38 Female Wilson NC
Howell Ashtan 22 Male Fayetteville NC
Howell Heather 38 Female Goldsboro NC
Huetter Vincent 65 Male Goldsboro NC
Huggins Chelsea 23 Female New Bern NC
J. Mason 17 Male Pikeville NC
Jernigan Jeff 51 Male Goldsboro NC
Jolly Emily 46 Female Pikeville NC
Jones Crystal 49 Female Seven Springs NC
Jones Jennifer 45 Female Dudley NC
King Meghan 34 Female Greenville NC
Lee Erika 27 Female Kinston NC
Lesage Julia 47 Female Green Cove Springs FL
M. Nash 9 Male Faison NC
Martin Janie 58 Female New Bern NC
Metts Katie 33 Female Goldsboro NC
Neal Hannah 22 Female Goldsboro NC
Nitta Jennifer 37 Female Mililani HI
Noble Jeanne 75 Female Goldsboro NC
OHara Martha 53 Female Freeport FL
P. Nash 7 Male Goldsboro NC
P. Kaylon 16 Female Denver NC
P. Aiden 16 Male Denver NC
p. dylan 16 Male Pikeville NC
P. Lana 14 Female Pikeville NC
P. Dawson 10 Male Pikeville NC
Pate Carla 39 Female Pikeville NC
Perkins Emily 53 Female Pikeville NC
Perkins Brandi 39 Female Denver NC
Perkins Lizabeth 42 Female Pikeville NC
Perkins Michael 43 Male Pikeville NC
Pilkington Thomas 33 Male Goldsboro NC
Pilkington Emilee 32 Male Goldsboro NC
Pittman Jessica 45 Female Fremont NC
Poole Renee 44 Female Goldsboro NC
Poole Kelly 41 Female Goldsboro NC
Poole Josh 40 Male Goldsboro NC
Prince Theresa 55 Female Goldsboro NC
Quinn Scott 59 Male Goldsboro NC
Quinn Dylan 32 Male Goldsboro NC
Quinn Ethan 24 Male Goldsboro NC
R. Cameron 13 Male Goldsboro NC
R. Jack 16 Male Goldsboro NC
Rackley Miranda 46 Female Goldsboro NC
rackley vicky 63 Female goldsboro NC
Radford Brittni 28 Female Pikeville NC
Reid Shannon 40 Female Princeton NC
Render Kristin 33 Female Pikeville NC
Rogers Sheila 64 Female Goldsboro NC
S. Nicholas 10 Male Pikeville NC
S. Brayden 13 Male Pikeville NC
S. Lexi Grace 12 Female Princeton NC
S. Phipps 12 Male Goldsboro NC
S. John Wyatt 9 Male Goldsboro NC
Sallee Constance 69 Female Attica OH
Sasser Britt Lauran 42 Female Goldsboro NC
Schmeltzer Tracy 47 Female Pikeville NC
Shearon Randall 48 Male Goldsboro NC
Smith Renee 65 Female Goldsboro NC
Smith Sylvia 63 Female Goldsboro NC
Smith Sandra 59 Female Fremont NC
Smith Gary 45 Male Pikeville NC
Smith Melanie 46 Female Pikeville NC
Smith Christopher 34 Male Kinston NC
Smith Madeline 27 Female Pikeville NC
Smith Shawnna 52 Female Goldsboro NC
Stone Kimber 49 Female Winterville NC
Strickland Brandi 44 Female Goldsboro NC
Studer Shannon 47 Female Bellevue OH
Studer Shannon 47 Female Attica OH
Sullivan Allison 45 Female Princeton NC
Sutton Stacy 32 Female Goldsboro NC
Sutton Crystal 39 Female Goldsboro NC
Sutton Julie 45 Female Pikeville NC
T. Lilly 7 Female Mt Olive NC
Taylor Michelle 39 Female Pikeville NC
Thompson Brooke 42 Female Pikeville NC
Thompson Douglas 32 Male La Grange NC
Turlington Laura 40 Female Fayetteville NC
Turlington Jason 37 Male Goldsboro NC
Turlington Kenneth 39 Male Fayetteville NC
Tyndall Jennifer 38 Female Mt Olive NC
Tyndall John 38 Male Mt Olive NC
Vanderpoel Chris 39 Male Naples FL
Vinson Beth 57 Female Winterville NC
W. Piper 9 Female La Grange NC
W. Coneigh 12 Female La Grange NC
Webb Rhonda 52 Female Goldsboro NC
Wilhide Randy 42 Male La Grange NC
Wilhide Deborah 67 Female York PA
Wilhide Randy 68 Male York PA
Wilhide Haleigh 38 Female La Grange NC
Williams Kevin 59 Male Goldsboro NC
Williams Dannie 54 Female La Grange NC
Wilson Sean 27 Male Pikeville NC
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