02/13/2022 @ 2:00pm

Run for the Roses 2022
5K Run
Raleigh, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Max. Records  
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Abbne Debbie 49 female Apex NC
Acheson Dana 42 female Raleigh NC
Adelman Leon 42 male Raleigh NC
Ahrens Katharine 29 female Bowie MD
Alston Anna 68 female Raleigh NC
Argent Mary 59 female Raleigh NC
Atkinson David 64 male Raleigh NC
Averette Kelley 57 female Apex NC
B. Angela 16 female Durham NC
B. Taylor 14 female Clayton NC
B. Connor 14 female Cary NC
Bachand Callum 18 male Raleigh NC
Bachand Derek 52 male Raleigh NC
Bachand Kristine 55 female Raleigh NC
Backus Katie 30 female Cary NC
Bacon Rasmi 43 female Apex NC
Baker Lynda 71 female Chapel Hill NC
Banfer Amy 36 female Raleigh NC
Barwick Ashley 36 female Raleigh NC
Beam Heather 45 female Cary NC
Behr Hannah 26 female Raleigh NC
Behr Adam 25 male Raleigh NC
Bellamy Linda 63 female Raleigh NC
Bennett Kathy 62 female Wake F NC
Beuning Joyce Anne 61 female Holly Springs NC
Beuning David 61 male Holly Springs NC
Bird Paula 60 female Raleigh NC
Blue Shiquita 45 female Clayton NC
Bock Matthew 35 male Selma NC
Boles Rebecca 53 female Cary NC
Bond Angel 50 female Cary NC
Booth Donna 58 female Hillsborough NC
Bordeaux Bonnie 51 female Raleigh NC
Bosier Anne 49 female Garner NC
Bove Caroline 24 female Raleigh NC
Bove Kathleen 55 female Ballston Lake NY
Bove Peter 55 male Ballston Lake NY
Boyd-Keyes Chimi 48 female Raleigh NC
Bradshaw Nick 34 male Clayton NC
Brizzoli Joe 64 male Holly Springs NC
Broniszewski Jeanne 40 female Raleigh NC
Brown Shelby 25 female Raleigh NC
Brown William 59 male Chapel Hill NC
Brown Candice 42 female Holly Springs NC
Brown Dave 51 male Raleigh NC
Browner Jeremy 47 male Durham NC
Broyles Kathy 50 female Raleigh NC
Bryant Kevin 39 male Raleigh NC
Buckmeier Allyson 30 female Cary NC
Buffington Dylan 30 male Raleigh NC
Burden Kelly 50 female Fuquay Varina NC
Burdette Jennifer 44 female Fuquay Varina NC
Caesar Mahogany 44 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Carvalho Cyndee 62 female Apex NC
Cash Michelle 46 female Raleigh NC
Chan Heidi 50 female Raleigh NC
Chiavacci John 58 male Raleigh NC
Chu Jennifer 38 female Chapel Hill NC
CizMadia Maddy 26 female Clayton NC
Clark Gregory 64 male Fort Walton Beach FL
Clark Lillee 64 female Fort Walton Beach FL
Clark Nolan 31 male Apex NC
Clark Paula 50 female Zebulon NC
Clayton Nancy 56 female Raleigh NC
Clute Josh 27 male Raleigh NC
Cohen Marissa 29 female Pittsboro NC
Cohen Genifer 31 female Raleigh NC
Collins Doreen 54 female Cary NC
Compton Sarah 36 female Raleigh NC
Compton Adam 36 male Raleigh NC
Cordoba Sandra 34 female Raleigh NC
Coyle Kathryn 31 female Fuquay Varina NC
Croner Melvina 55 female Fuquay Varina NC
Cross Gaby 28 female Raleigh NC
Crowell Mike 76 male Chapel Hill NC
Cruz Luis 42 male Raleigh NC
Cunningham Danielle 41 female Durham NC
Curiel Patricia 29 female Winston-salem NC
Davidson Alex 26 female Raleigh NC
Dear Racheal 43 female Cary NC
DeKraker Christine 57 female Apex NC
Der Elena 47 female Durham NC
Diab Joe 57 male Raleigh NC
Dimsdale Brian 33 male Raleigh NC
DiPaolo Rick 45 male Durham NC
Donahue Meghan 32 female Raleigh NC
Dooling Sue 56 female Wake Forest NC
Dotters-katz Sarah 39 female Chapel Hill NC
Draffin Sophie Marian 41 female Durham NC
Drescher Dean 32 female Raleigh NC
Dribus John 44 male Wake Forest NC
Duckworth Randi 41 female Cary NC
Duckworth Joshua 29 male Cary NC
Dunne Kristen 38 female Raleigh NC
Earnhardt Rachel 29 female Raleigh NC
Eben Cooper 30 male Raleigh NC
Echeverry Olga 45 female Raleigh NC
Faller Caroline 35 female Raleigh NC
Farmer Carlita 29 female Durham NC
Fernandez Lyda 45 female Raleigh NC
Ferrara Margaret 77 female Raleigh NC
Fillipo Rebecca 28 female Durham NC
Foltz Elisa 46 female Durham NC
Fong Holly 32 female Durham NC
Fourre Christina 33 female Garner NC
Fox Andrea 39 female Clayton NC
Freeman Sharon 65 female Clayton NC
Frey Vicki 57 female Raleigh NC
Gangl Kelly 56 female Raleigh NC
Garon Matt 52 male Smithfield NC
Gerger Shanon 45 female Raleigh NC
Giacco Dave 49 male Clayton NC
Gilbert Andy 62 male Raleigh NC
Gillham Tonya 44 female Cary NC
Gillham David 44 male Cary NC
Glover Maria 48 female Apex NC
Glover Bret 52 male Apex NC
Goad Chris 37 male Raleigh NC
Goodwin Sarah 37 female Wake Forest NC
Gray Tinaya 46 female Fuquay Varina NC
Greene John 32 male Apex NC
Greene Joanna 36 female Apex NC
Grosser Jennifer 47 female Raleigh NC
Guarino Chad 33 male Raleigh NC
Guthe Martha 73 female Cary NC
Guthe Doug 68 male Cary NC
Hamilton Tobi 50 female Raleigh NC
Hanyok Laura 40 female Raleigh NC
Harbaugh John 45 male Clayton NC
Hardison Alex 26 male Durham NC
Haste Phil 57 male Roseboro NC
Hatch Susan 75 female Raleigh NC
Hawkesworth Rachel 25 female Raleigh NC
Hayworth Aaron 30 male Raleigh NC
Helfrich Tricia 55 female Wake Forest NC
Helmick Kelsey 32 female Knightdale NC
Hepburn Margaret 50 female Cary NC
Herndon Miles 50 male Raleigh NC
Herrmann Kristin 40 female Raleigh NC
Hill Steven 34 male Cary NC
Hills Naomi 41 female Durham NC
Hlavach Joe 29 male Raleigh NC
Hlavach Michelle 55 female Wheaton IL
Hogue Terry 55 male Creedmoor NC
Holder Kaye 72 female Raleigh NC
Hollen Jamie 32 female Raleigh NC
Holtry Matt 43 male Chapel Hill NC
Homiak Justine 44 female Knightdale NC
Hubbard Susan 67 female Raleigh NC
Hughes Rebecca 42 female Raleigh NC
Hunter Terry 62 female Raleigh NC
Hutchins Stan 72 male Cary NC
Hyer Mike 56 male Apex NC
Hyson Deb 57 female Raleigh NC
I. Jacob 7 male Chapel Hill NC
Ingram David 46 male Chapel Hill NC
Ivancic Margaret 29 female Raleigh NC
Ivancic Ali 34 female Raleigh NC
Jackson Tonia 42 female Raleigh NC
Jaimes Zachary 27 male Raleigh NC
Jobin Emily 30 female Cary NC
Johnson Travis 36 male Cary NC
Johnston Jason 49 male Raleigh NC
Jones Christian 30 male Lewisville NC
Jones Jessica 31 female Durham NC
Joyce Lauren 41 female Raleigh NC
KARANJA BENSON 51 male Knightdale NC
Karlsson Keith 72 male Raleigh NC
Katie Wade 39 female Wake Forest NC
Keens Kathryn 39 female Wake Forest NC
Kelly Fiona 38 female Holly Springs NC
Killmeyer Chris 59 male Cary NC
Killmeyer Amy 55 female Cary NC
Kirby Amber 54 female Raleigh NC
Kirsch Kathleen 45 female Youngsville NC
Kitchen Erica 43 female Raleigh NC
Krivensky Chylain 40 female Durham NC
Krug Jim 54 male Durham NC
L. Cosette 17 female Apex NC
Lane Carolyn 61 female Cary NC
Latta Barbara 81 female Raleigh NC
Leary Paul 51 male Raleigh NC
Levin Mel 74 male Raleigh NC
Lewandowski Erin 34 female Raleigh NC
Lichtenwalner Ronald 35 male Cary NC
Lichtenwalner Gloria 52 female Raleigh NC
Lichtenwalner Daniel 59 male Raleigh NC
Loheide PJ 24 male Durham NC
Losh Vera 34 female Raleigh NC
Lupienski Christine 46 female Apex NC
M. Elodie 12 female Raleigh NC
M. Zoe 11 female Youngsville NC
Mabe David 32 male Raleigh NC
MacDonald Laura 52 female Raleigh NC
Macenas Mark 48 male Youngsville NC
Macenas Hilary 47 female Youngsville NC
MacPherson Eric 34 male Raleigh NC
Maggio Kaitlin 35 female Raleigh NC
Maggio Greg 34 male Raleigh NC
Malonzo Emily 29 female Knightdale NC
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