11/05/2017 @ 9:30 am

Purr Partners 2nd Annual 5K & Fun Walk

5K Run

E. Carroll Joyner Park
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Agama Karen 54 Female Raleigh NC
Barkley Travis 45 Male Wake Forest NC
Bengoa Alana S 19 Female Louisburg NC
Bethel Stacie 57 Female Raleigh NC
Lopez Kristy 52 Female Youngsville NC
Bradley Barbara 75 Female Wake Forest NC
Breemes Stephanie 42 Female Wake Forest NC
B. Christopher 15 Male Wake Forest NC
Brown Lawrence 64 Male CHARLOTTE NC
Bunn Sheila 53 Female Louisburg NC
Carson Cheryl 42 Female Raleigh NC
Cashin Megan 46 Female Raleigh NC
Catley Danielle 38 Female Wake Forest NC
Choi Rhonda 39 Female Durham NC
Choi Rhonda 43 Male Durham NC
Clarke Samantha 29 Female Raleigh NC
C. Angela 15 Female Raleigh NC
Coats Ellen 29 Female Cary NC
Coats Alan 29 Male Cary NC
Green Elizabeth 25 Female Youngsville NC
Corona Armando 29 Male Durham NC
Crowell Grant 50 Male Raleigh NC
Davis Jennifer 60 Female Wake Forest NC
Stevenson Fred 69 Male Wake Forest NC
Dey Jamie 59 Female Louisburg NC
Dubczak Kim 46 Female Raleigh NC
Falcone Barbara 78 Female Raleigh NC
Holmes Sara 45 Female Raleigh NC
Huffman Sarah 45 female Raleigh NC
Hurteau Matt 60 Male Wake Forest NC
Hurteau Deirdre 52 Female Wake Forest NC
Landolfi Patti 59 Female Raleigh NC
Lanier Gina 53 Female Raleigh NC
Malave Gisela 49 Female Louisburg NC
Martin Ryan 41 Male Raleigh NC
Masek Brenna 48 Female Raleigh NC
Masek Todd 48 Male Raleigh NC
Mlot Ilene 38 Female Wake Forest NC
Moore Patricia 54 Female Wake Forest NC
Morrison Brittany 29 Female Durham NC
Neenan Rachael 45 Female Wake Forest NC
N. Parker 11 Male Wake Forest NC
Noon Carrie 19 Female Durham NC
Noon Nicole 51 Female Durham NC
N. Landon 17 Male Wake Forest NC
Hoeckel Danielle 31 Female Wake Forest NC
Nowel Andy 59 Male Cary NC
Nowel Melissa 48 Female Cary NC
Baltzell Anthony 61 Male Wake Forest NC
Osborne Diane 60 Female Wake Forest NC
Osborne Maggie 26 Female Wake Forest NC
Perry Ronnie 73 Male Zebulon NC
Perry Pat 69 Female Zebulon NC
Phillips Reid 27 Male lillington NC
Groves Marikate 32 Female Sanford NC
Preston Scott 60 Male Moncure NC
Price Sarah 32 Female Raleigh NC
Primrose Jennifer 50 Female Raleigh NC
R. Matthew 13 Male Youngsville NC
Renninger Jennifer 50 Female Raleigh NC
Rivera Kelly 42 Male Knightdale NC
Roberts Peter 56 Male Wake forest NC
Roberts Sharon 51 Female Wake Forwst NC
Rogers Josh 34 Male Clayton NC
Rudolph Doug 43 Male Wilson NC
Schneider Maisha 44 Female Wake Forest NC
Schumer Jackie 65 Female Apex NC
Schumer Jan 65 Female Apex NC
Soriano Elexa 36 Female Holly Springs NC
Sullivan AnnMarie 50 Female Raleigh NC
Tidd Jessica 43 Female Louisburg NC
T. Laynie 17 Female Wake Forest NC
Triblehorn Sondra 53 Female Wake Forest NC
Tymula Jen 59 Female Wake Forest NC
Tymula John 61 Male Wake Forest NC
Tymula Amanda 33 Female Wake Forest NC
W. Tyler 17 Male Wake Forest NC
Ward Lori 37 Female Wendell NC
Wilkins Thomas 51 male Raleigh NC
Wilkins Paula 52 female Raleigh NC