02/26/2022 @ 9 am

Fuquay-Varina High School Band on the Run

5K Run

Fuquay-Varina, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Beard Justin 51 male Fuquay Varina NC
Beard Stacey 50 female Fuquay Varina NC
Biasi Katie 48 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Botts LeAnn 56 female Apex NC
Bowen Mark 33 male Cary NC
Brown Linda 49 female Angier NC
Burdette Jennifer 43 female Raleigh NC
C. Olivia 15 female Fuquay Varina NC
Capps Adam 36 male Wendell NC
Catlin Kat 35 female Angier NC
Christofaro Martha 44 female Holly Springs NC
D. Cavanna 13 female Holly Springs NC
D. Thorsten (TJ) 9 male Holly Springs NC
Dustin Andrew 25 male Raleigh NC
Dykema Wendy 45 female Holly Springs NC
Dykema Dave 43 male Holly Springs NC
Farrell Ian 57 male Willow Spring NC
G. Adilene 17 female Fuquay Varina NC
Gagliardi Mindy 51 female Fuquay Varina NC
Giro Liam 18 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Giro Jana 18 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Giro Daniel 18 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Giro Rene 51 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Giro Mary 55 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Giro Andy 21 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Green Georgia 25 female Raleigh NC
H. Logan 17 male Holly Springs NC
H. Jackson 15 male Holly Springs NC
Hinnant Brian 48 male Holly Springs NC
Hughes Robert 45 male Holly Springs NC
Jones Andy 49 male Fuquay Varina NC
Key Tom 61 male Willow Spring NC
L. Jackson 17 male Fuquay-Varina NC
L. Jillian 12 female Fuquay-Varina NC
L. Jason 17 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Lee Joe 54 male Holly Springs NC
Luke Nicholas 18 male Fuquay-Varina NC
M. Owen 13 male Holly Springs NC
McCarren Corey 32 male Apex NC
McCaskill Jessica 38 female Wendell NC
McNeill Mark 58 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Middelberg Annie 31 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Middelberg Joe 34 male Fuquay Varina NC
P. Carolyn 18 female Willow Spring NC
P. Brooke 16 female Willow Spring NC
Padfield Brian 55 male Willow Spring NC
Padfield Lisa 52 female Willow Spring NC
Pavone Rob 55 male Fuquay Varina NC
R. Nicholas 14 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Raines Trish 52 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Randolph Mason 18 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Schreiner Lisa 46 female Willow Spring NC
Sellers Lisa 47 female Fuquay Varina NC
Smith Angie 54 female Willow Spring NC
Snodgrass Jackie 59 female Fuquay-Varina NC
Snodgrass Bill 61 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Strother Danny 18 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Vitale Gina 56 female Raleigh NC
W. Brandon 14 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Williams Andrew 57 male Fuquay Varina NC
Zahn Carrie 56 female Fuquay Varina NC
showing 61 rows