10/10/2015 @ 9:00 am

Second Chance Pet Adoptions Furry 5K

5K Run

Cary, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Max. Records  
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Alexander Catlin 31 Female Raleigh NC
Altobelli Desma 48 Female Cary NC
Altobelli David 52 Male Cary NC
Anderson Ariella 39 Female GARNER NC
Anspach Scott 57 Male Durham NC
B Adrienne 49 Female Raleigh NC
Ballesteros Dave 59 Male Cary NC
Barnett Jamie 35 Female Rolesville NC
Baxter Laura 51 Female Durham NC
Benrud Judy 66 Female Cary NC
Bernhardt Catherine 24 Female Raleigh NC
Best Lisa 49 Female Cary NC
Biddick Michael 44 Male Raleigh NC
Bleau Neil 64 Male Durham NC
Blomquist Janet 39 Female Cary NC
Boak Vicke 63 Female Garner NC
Boak Avery 32 Female garner NC
Brainard Tracy 48 Female cary NC
Bremiller Jenna 37 Female Raleigh NC
brett kaitlyn 27 Female raleigh NC
Bryan Laura 51 Female Durham NC
Byrd Carol 50 Female Holly Springs NC
Byrd Jason 24 Male Holly Springs NC
Caf Irena 58 Female Durham NC
Calaway Justin 39 Male Cary NC
Carden Zach 29 Male Cary NC
Carlin Lurin 39 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Collins Ivan 37 Male Wake Forest NC
Collins Jennifer 35 Female Wake Forest NC
Conway Dyan 68 Female Raleigh NC
Corbett Denise 64 Female Raleigh NC
Crawford Patricia 49 Female Raleigh NC
Cross Susie 29 Female Cary NC
Curlee Miranda 27 Female Charlotte NC
Curran Marianne 63 Female Raleigh NC
Curran Jeff 70 Male Raleigh NC
Curran Addi 22 Female Chapel Hill NC
Darragh Bethany 35 Female Raleigh NC
Dean Elizabeth 49 Female Dunn NC
Derry Carol 59 Female Cary NC
Dollar Jennifer 48 Female Raleigh NC
Dooright Dudley 52 Male cary NC
Dutton Connie 57 Female Raleigh NC
Edmundson Linda 53 Female Cary NC
Ernest Kristen 33 Female Cary NC
Feeley Ian 20 Male Raleigh NC
Felkel Cheyenne 27 Female Dunn NC
Ferguson Kelly 39 Female Kittrell NC
Fields Denise 58 Female Raleigh NC
Fox Heidi 45 Female Wake Forest NC
Frankis Rita 71 Female Clayton NC
Franssen Chelsea 28 Female raleigh NC
Gerace Cheryl 40 Female Apex NC
Gerst Greg 55 Male Cary NC
Gerst Wendy 53 Female Cary NC
Gerst Allyson 29 Female Cary NC
Gibbons Jillian 21 Female Durham NC
Glancy Jasmine 26 Female Raleigh NC
Grates Elizabeth 40 Female Cary NC
Grealey Sharon 55 Female Apex NC
Greenwood-Hickman Mikael Anne 32 Female Durham NC
H. Evelyn 17 Female Raleigh NC
Haldane Janine 46 Female Raleigh NC
Hallinan Liz 63 Female Raleigh NC
Hare Christina 53 Female Raleigh NC
Harrell Linda 58 Female Durham NC
Hoch Mary 29 Female Cary NC
Horn Casey 32 Female Stem NC
Hovis Emily 30 Female Richmond VA
Huntwork Broderick 23 Male Raleigh NC
Huntwork Alana 21 Female Raleigh NC
Ibbott Amanda 42 Female Raleigh NC
Ibbott Ernesto 40 Male Raleigh NC
Idaszak Lynn 60 Female Apex NC
Imhof Lisa 55 Female Raleigh NC
Imhof David 52 Male Raleigh NC
Irons Alyssa 31 Female Morrisville NC
Jacobson Sarah 41 Female Chapel Hill NC
Jeffrey Jeffrey J. 48 Female cary NC
Johnson Sarah 44 Female Raleigh NC
Johnson Kristi 44 Female Raleigh NC
Joyce Rachel 30 Female Morrisville NC
Koeble Carol 64 Female Raleigh NC
Krebs Eric 57 Male Cary NC
Kulp Lisa 42 Female Holly Springs NC
L. Sam 16 Male Cary NC
Lamb Kris 43 Male Cary NC
Landolfi Patti 60 Female Raleigh NC
Langguth Michael 51 Male Raleigh NC
Lanier Gina 54 Female Raleigh NC
LeBron Christian 41 Female Cary NC
lewis dawn 46 Female raleigh NC
Lewis Michael 53 Male Raleigh NC
Lewis Xander 18 Male Cary NC
Lewis Mel 53 Male Cary NC
Lewis Cristina 53 Female Cary NC
Liska Ryan 35 Male Raleigh NC
Longtin Taylor 33 Female Cary NC
Longtin Cheryl 61 Female Cary NC
Lopez Rosario 71 Female Cary NC
Lopez Rudy 73 Male Cary NC
Lopez Jessica 38 Female Morrisville NC
Lopez Karen 36 Female Morrisville NC
lunsford paula 58 Female hillsborough NC
Makena Kathleen 50 Female Raleigh NC
Manning Branden 42 Male Raleigh NC
mcneely nicolette 40 Female Cary NC
Meharg Scott 58 Male Raleigh NC
Meszaros Mitchell 34 Male Raleigh NC
Miller Bill 55 Male Cary NC
Mills Betsy 46 Female Durham NC
Mineart Kenny 33 Male Raleigh NC
Minervini Leo 63 Male Raleigh NC
Minervini Alison 31 Female Raleigh NC
Minervini Valerie 63 Female Raleigh NC
Mizelle Melissa 54 Female Raleigh NC
Moffett Dale 66 Female Cary NC
Molet Talitha 35 Female Garner NC
Moore Lisa 32 Female Raleigh NC
N. Jenna 14 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Neiberg Jason 51 Male Cary NC
Nelan Marika 40 Female Raleigh NC
Nixon Rachel 40 Female Raleigh NC
Nowel Melissa 49 Female Cary NC
Nystrom Kelly 48 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Oberman Nancy 67 Female Nelson VA
Ott Tiffany 34 Female Cary NC
Overman Sam 44 Male Clayton NC
owen donna 63 Female Fuquay NC
Pagliaro Brittany 29 Female Raleigh NC
Paris Allison 41 Female Raleigh NC
Passarella Kathy 65 Female Durham NC
Passarella Lauren 34 Female Durham NC
Pastorius James 61 Male Raleigh NC
Pastorius Jeanne 59 Female Raleigh NC
Patel Kamalesh 39 Male Wilson NC
Patel Taylor 31 Female Wilson NC
Patel Reena 32 Female Wake Forest NC
Patel Linda 60 Female Wake Forest NC
Patton Molly 30 Female Raleigh NC
Patton Cathy 58 Female Raleigh NC
Penwell Chris 20 Male Raleigh NC
Perrill Connie 68 Female Raleigh NC
Perrill Scott 74 Male Raleigh NC
Perrill Kristy 33 Female Raleigh NC
Petway Harvey 35 Male Raleigh NC
Phifer Jacqui 45 Female Wake forest NC
Pomper Judith 39 Female Raleigh NC
Poole Cathleen 47 Female Raleigh NC
Pooler Amanda 41 Female Louisburg NC
Presler-Jur Paige 43 Female Raleigh NC
Pugh Amie 43 Female Durham NC
quinn branden 33 Male Raleigh NC
Repass Kathy 51 Female Raleigh NC
Richeda Sarah 43 Female Clayton NC
Rotondaro Logan 19 Male Clayon NC
Rotondaro Carolyn 54 Female Clayon NC
ruettimann lauren 47 Female raleigh NC
Schafer Lora 61 Female Raleigh NC
Schribman Marni 51 Female Cary NC
Schwerer Katie 22 Female Cary NC
Schwerer Bryan 56 Male Cary NC
Schwerer Matthew 19 Male Cary NC
Schwerer Ellen 56 Female Cary NC
Sechler Chris 34 Male Durham NC
Sechler Christy 32 Female Durham NC
Sevareid-Miller Ann 65 Female Durham NC
Seymour Morgan 30 Female Raleigh NC
smith james 58 Male Durham NC
Smith Allen 65 Male Raleigh NC
Smith Andrew 28 Male Raleigh NC
Sowter Cheri 69 Female Cary NC
St. Louis Christine 39 Female Raleigh NC
Swaim Anne 51 Female Raleigh NC
Swan Jane 66 Female Fuquay-Varina NC
Swan David 70 Male Fuquay-Varina NC
Telfer Jasmin 31 Female Raleigh NC
Thorpe Krista 33 Female Duham NC
Tilley Lisa 51 Female Raleigh NC
Tompkins Beverly 72 Female Apex NC
Tompkins James 73 Male Apex NC
Torri Ryne 37 Male Durham NC
Trax Karen 56 Female Raleigh NC
Tweed Laura 38 Female Raleigh NC
Tyson Hannah 23 Female Raleigh NC
Van Natten Greg 53 Male Apex NC
Van Natten Stacey 52 Female Apex NC
Vaughn Chelsea 38 Female Raleigh NC
Wahlmeier Janet 45 Female Raleigh NC
Walker Melanie 61 Female Cary NC
Walker Hannah 28 Female Cary NC
Wall Anna 28 Female Morrisville NC
Warburton Meg 34 Female Raleigh NC
Ward Darlene 48 Female cary NC
Weisenburn Sarah 41 Female Raleigh NC
Wells Christine 32 Female Raleigh NC
Wertheim Maureen 67 Female Morrisville NC
West Mattie 67 Female Raleigh NC
Whitacre Garth 49 Male Chapel Hill NC
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