08/22/2015 @ 8:00 am

21st Annual Run for Life

5K, 1 Mile Run

Cary, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. Nicholas 13 Male Cary NC
Adas Devin 22 Male Apex NC
Ahrens Katie 29 Female Erie PA
Allen Steven 58 Male Wendell NC
antonello chris 60 Male raleigh NC
Antonello Carrie 59 Female Raleigh NC
Baker Susan 56 Female Raleigh NC
Barnes-Durity Monica 50 Female Cary NC
Bassett Kayla 23 Female Cary NC
Bishop Marissa 22 Female Cary NC
Black David 70 Male Nelson VA
Brenegan Colleen 45 Female Cary NC
Buckley Brandon 21 Male Raleigh NC
Cabellon Gabriel 44 Male Chapel Hill NC
Cascell Holly 33 Female Pinetops NC
Cawley Larry 60 Male Raleigh NC
Chapman Alyssa 22 Female Raleigh, nc NC
Chetney Timothy 58 Male Raleigh NC
Coates Carmen 37 Female Raleigh NC
Connelly Patrick 38 Male Willow Spring NC
coyle shannon 21 Female cary NC
coyle bernadette 59 Female cary NC
Coyle Noah 22 Male Cary NC
Dankoski Simon 46 Male Bronx NY
Davis Nicole 24 Female Raleigh NC
Delilo Sarah 45 Female Holly Springs NC
DeMarco Nicholas 23 Male Youngsville NC
Diorio Caroline 24 Female Cary NC
E. alexandra 17 Female raleigh NC
E. Nicholas 15 Male raleigh NC
Ebihara Sophie 23 Female Raleigh NC
Elliott Lori 53 Female Raleigh NC
Ercolani Ashley 33 Female Youngsville NC
Ercolino Gabriella 20 Female Raleigh NC
Filippi Zachary 21 Male Raleigh NC
Finlay-Tozzi Kim 60 Female Sanford NC
Flanagan Jill 52 Female Cary NC
Follum Rick 53 Male Cary NC
Fortin Nolan 20 Male Wake Forest NC
Gaviria Linda 67 Female Cary NC
Genao Liza 42 Female Durham NC
Grady Devon 18 Male Raleigh NC
Gravino III John A. 57 Male Apex NC
Grelck Sam 23 Male Morrisville NC
Guarino Anna 21 Female Cary NC
Guarino Anthony 55 Male Cary NC
Harrison Ny'Ombi 23 Female Durham NC
Hensgen Lowell 21 Male Raleigh NC
Hils Daniel 58 Male Apex NC
Hils Michael 22 Male Apex NC
Holbert Kate 57 Female Apex NC
Hurtgen Trish 48 Female Raleigh NC
Inkumsah Gretchen 40 Female Raleigh NC
Inkumsah Kobina 41 Male Raleigh NC
Jones Marie 44 Female apex NC
Jones Rob 55 Male Rocky Mount NC
K. Cyprian 13 Male Zebulon NC
Kelly Lauren 21 Female Cary NC
Kelly Maryellen 38 Female Raleigh NC
Ketterer Sally 20 Female Louisburg NC
Ketterer Lucille 21 Female Louisburg NC
Kirk Lisa 32 Female Cary NC
Kirk David 33 Male Cary NC
Klas Matthew 22 Male Raleigh NC
Klas Kevin 52 Male Raleigh NC
Klein Franz 40 Male Zebulon NC
Krauza Elaine 83 Female Raleigh NC
Krizmanich Jennifer 46 Female Cary NC
L. Nevaeh 13 Female Raleigh NC
Latta Barbara 81 Female raleigh NC
Littlejohn Maurice 33 Male Raleigh NC
Loosman Sharon 62 Female Cary NC
M. Colby 17 Male Wake Forest NC
Mack Joe 53 Male Apex NC
Mack Claire 22 Female Apex NC
Mason Lolita 56 Female Fuquay Varina NC
McClone Peter 42 Male Garner NC
McDonald Kip 58 Male Hertford NC
McDonald Cecily 28 Female Apex NC
McDonald Drew 59 Male Cary NC
McDonald Evelyn 52 Female Hertford NC
McGowan Molly 21 Female Cary NC
McVay Frances 36 Female Chapel Hill NC
Money Robert 69 Female Statesville NC
Moscinski Christopher 52 Male Bronx NY
Mulligan Conor 21 Male Raleigh NC
Murphy Pat 64 Male Raleigh NC
N. Nina 17 Female Wake Forest NC
Nashland Scott 35 Male Apex NC
Niazi Sara 55 Female Cary NC
Nugent Dan 56 Male Wake Forest NC
O'Hare Ryan 20 Male Holly Springs NC
O'Keefe Kris 57 Female Chapel Hill NC
Olson Marc 20 Male Raleigh NC
P. Ella 8 Female Sanford NC
Paone Jason 36 Male Raleigh NC
Parker Shannon 25 Female Sanford NC
Peeples Connor 25 Male Cary NC
Perrotta Anne 56 Female Youngsville NC
Perry Thomas 18 Male Sanford NC
Perry Dodd 52 Male SANFORD NC
Perry Olivia 20 Female Sanford NC
Perry Gioia 51 Female SANFORD NC
Perry Eva 23 Female Sanford NC
Pierce Annie 22 Female Cary NC
Pierce Abby 18 Female Cary NC
Pietrek Maddie 20 Female Wake Forest NC
Pietrek Steve 51 Male Wake Forest NC
Pietrek Noah 23 Male Wake Forest NC
Pittman Kathy 54 Female Raleigh NC
Plummer Linda 60 Female Raleigh NC
Pope Dan 58 Male Cary NC
Quiroga Tatiana 32 Female Raleigh NC
R. Liam 16 Male Clayton NC
R. Brenna 12 Female Clayton NC
Read Bill 55 Male Sanford NC
Read Sherrie 56 Female Sanford NC
Reeve Keegan 21 Male Apex NC
ren Jessamyn 30 Female Raleigh NC
Riddick Elizabeth 21 Female Raleigh NC
Roaquin Sonny 56 Male Durham NC
Rock Angelica 21 Female Raleigh NC
Rohr Denise 52 Female Raleigh NC
Rohr Kaitlin 21 Female Raleigh NC
Ross Caroline 19 Female Raleigh NC
Ross Charlie 21 Male Raleigh NC
Rovnak Aaron 19 Male Raleigh NC
Rovnak Alina 22 Female Raleigh NC
Rovnak Jason 20 Male Raleigh NC
Rubush Matthew 39 Male Raleigh NC
Rubush Michelle 50 Female Raleigh NC
S. Norman 13 Male Willow spring NC
S. Christopher 18 Male Willow spring NC
Saillant Brad 21 Male Wake Forest NC
Saillant Alex 19 Male Wake Forest NC
Santiago Carlos 21 Male Youngsville NC
Schaefer Kristine 55 Cary NC
Schommer Katelyn 32 Female Durham NC
Shea Jamie 30 Female Raleigh NC
Siefkes Kent 64 Male Raleigh NC
Silvers Adam 31 Male Greenville NC
Silvers Christian 29 Male Greenville NC
Simon Stacy 51 Female Raleigh NC
Sims Joshua 33 Male Apex NC
Skowron Erica 23 Female Cary NC
Smith Gabriel 35 Male Cary NC
Spence Debbie 73 Female Garner NC
Sporn Richard 58 Male Dallas TX
Spruell Brian 41 Male Cary NC
Stallings Jonathan 30 Male Durham NC
Stiles Svetlana 55 Female Apex NC
Strobel Anne 59 Female Southern Pines NC
Strobel Mar Clare 23 Female Southern Pines NC
Strobel Rebecca 26 Female Southern Pines NC
Strobel Emily 33 Female Southern Pines NC
Thelen Tim 57 Male Raleigh NC
Thelen Catherine 23 Female Raleigh NC
Thelen Jeanne 57 Female Raleigh NC
Thompson Scott 57 Male Cary NC
Todd Caroline 21 Female Raleigh NC
Tozzi Alessandra 26 Female Sanford NC
Tuman Mary 23 Female raleigh NC
Vogt Erin 21 Female Holly Springs NC
Vogt Darren 56 Male Holly Springs NC
Wallace David 79 Male Raleigh NC
Walter Sloan 21 Female Apex NC
Wendt Benjamin 24 Male Cary NC
White Ellen 53 Female Wake Forest NC
Wicklin Rebecca 21 Female Cary NC
Wicklin David 23 Male Cary NC
Wiredu Magdalene 29 Female Raleigh NC
Wirick Mandra 47 Female Raleigh NC
Zajkowski Haley 18 Female Raleigh NC
Zajkowski Laura 55 Female Raleigh NC
Zajkowski Kristina 21 Female Raleigh NC
Zajkowski Tom 55 Male Raleigh NC
showing 176 rows