08/23/2014 @ 8:00 am

20th Annual Run for Life

5K, 1 Mile Run

Cary, NC
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Addis Zachary 31 Male Durham NC
Anderson Liz 19 Female Raleigh NC
Anderson Maria 57 Female Raleigh NC
Anderson Cabell 19 Female Raleigh NC
Anderson Carter 21 Male Raleigh NC
Auer Anne 24 Female Wake Forest NC
Ayala Garcia Zenaida 26 Female Raleigh NC
Bailey Hope 47 Female Raleigh NC
Barker Sydney 21 Female Durham NC
Barker Ben 52 Male Durham NC
Belcher Lachlan 42 Male Apex NC
Boshart Sara 55 Female Raleigh NC
Brian Alecia 44 Female Cary NC
Brittner Herb 34 Male Mebane NC
Brittner Nicole 35 Female Mebane NC
brockman john 61 Male mebane NC
Brooks Jillene 39 Female Fuquay-Varina NC
Bryner Lauren Female Raleigh NC
Bullock Kristina 33 Female Cary NC
C. Dylan 17 Male Raleigh NC
Champion Valerie 44 Female Angier NC
Chetney Timothy 58 Male Raleigh NC
Cirillo Beth 42 Female Raleigh NC
Core Hank 59 Male Raleigh NC
Countryman Kayla 25 Female Apex NC
Crawford Johnny 47 Male Raleigh NC
Crume Richard 69 Male Chapel Hill NC
D. Benjamin 16 Male Holly Springs NC
Danuck Megan 22 Female Raleigh NC
Danuck Greyson 25 Female Raleigh NC
David Irene 46 Female Apex NC
Delilo Sarah 45 Female Holly Springs NC
Diaz David 70 Male Westerville OH
Diaz Brian 46 Male Chapel Hill NC
Dickinson Kadin 40 Male Cary NC
Dorismond Vanessa 33 Female Greenville NC
Dornan John 54 Male Holly Springs NC
Dornan Ian 24 Male Holly Springs NC
Drewry David 58 Male Durham NC
Durr Madeline 35 Female Raleigh NC
Durr Lauren 38 Female New York NY
Ercolino Peter 50 Male raleigh NC
Ercolino Gabriella 20 Female raleigh NC
Fambrough Buck 62 Male Holly Springs NC
Filippi Zachary 21 Male Raleigh NC
Fithian Robert 39 Male Apex NC
Fortin Nolan 20 Male Wake Forest NC
Frey David 59 Male Cary NC
G. Dorothy 17 Female Apex NC
G. Francesca 15 Female Apex NC
Gagliano Kate 20 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Gagliano Drew 23 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Gravino Sophia 21 Female Apex NC
Gravino John 57 Male Apex NC
Gravino John 57 Male Apex NC
Gravino Johnny 18 Male Apex NC
Hartley Devin 54 Male Youngsville NC
Hensgen Lowell 21 Male Raleigh NC
Horney Pete 80 Male Cary NC
Irons Joshua 26 Male cary NC
Ketterer Lucille 21 Female Louisburg NC
Ketterer Sally 20 Female Louisburg NC
Kidd Kevin 47 Male Fuquay Varina NC
Kirk David 33 Male Cary NC
Klas Matthew 22 Male Raleigh NC
Kryn Luz 45 Female Raleigh NC
L. Nevaeh 13 Female Raleigh NC
Lamb Briana 20 Female Wake Forest NC
Landis Amber 34 Female Raleigh NC
Lockhart George 34 Male Raleigh NC
M. Pippa 15 Female Raleigh NC
M. Beatrix 17 Female Raleigh NC
Mayr Kathy 50 Female Cary NC
McCaffrey Brenna 18 Female Raleigh NC
McDonaugh Saxon 19 Female Raleigh NC
McDougall Asia 22 Female raleigh NC
McDougall-Collins Katy 45 Female raleigh NC
Meehan Hadley 18 Female Raleigh NC
Mendano Alex 55 Male Durham NC
Mitchell John 79 Male Raleigh NC
Moody Steven 39 Male Raleigh NC
Moody Beth 37 Female Raleigh NC
Moore Tim 36 Male cary NC
Murphy Pat 64 Male Raleigh NC
Murphy John 70 Male Sanford NC
Mutt Steve 57 Male Raleigh NC
N. Nina 17 Female Wake Forest NC
nack thomas 66 Male apex NC
Neuffer John 38 Male Efland NC
Nugent Rocky 20 Male Wake Forest NC
Nugent Rey 27 Male Wake Forest NC
Nugent Dan 56 Male Wake Forest NC
O'Connor Nancy 53 Female ANGIER NC
O'Hara Serena 38 Female Garner NC
O'Keefe Kris 57 Female Chapel Hill NC
Oeser Michael L 63 Male Durham NC
Oeser SusanLynn 63 Female Durham NC
Olson Lisa 32 Female Chapel Hill NC
Olson Marc 20 Male Raleigh NC
Ortega Chavez Carolina 34 Male Raleigh NC
Parr Stacy 38 Female Holly Springs NC
Pechin Moira 22 Female Youngsville NC
Pechin Jeremiah 50 Male Youngsville NC
Pekarek Nancy 61 Female Raleigh NC
Perry James 47 Male Cary NC
Phillips Brian 64 Male Cary NC
Phillips Mary Beth 63 Female Cary NC
Pietrek Maddie 20 Female Wake Forest NC
Plummer Linda 60 Female Raleigh NC
Powers Bill 87 Male Chapel Hill NC
R. Graeme 15 Male Raleigh NC
Rand Halbert 58 Male Wake Forest NC
Repoff Ryan 31 Male Erie PA
Reynolds Evan 32 Male Apex NC
Reynolds Rebecca 30 Female Apex NC
Ricciuti Kristen 54 Female raleigh NC
Richley Andrew 35 Male Fayetteville NC
Richley Carolyn 34 Female Fayetteville NC
Ritchie Dan 70 Male Raleigh NC
Roggenbuck Sharon 83 Female Hillsborough NC
Rougier-Chapman Samantha 19 Female Raleigh NC
Rougier-Chapman Conner 21 Male Raleigh NC
Santiago Javi 22 Male Youngsville NC
Santiago Carlos 21 Male Youngsville NC
Santos Ricky 43 Male durham NC
Siefkes Kent 64 Male Raleigh NC
Sigmon Will 20 Male Raleigh NC
Silvers Adam 31 Male Greenville NC
Silvers Eden 23 Female Greenville NC
Silvers Christian 29 Male Greenville NC
skolochenko sandy 35 Female durham NC
Smith Allan 60 Male Cary NC
Smith Holly 60 Female Cary NC
Stacey Christian 19 Male Raleigh NC
Taxis Gene 73 Male Cary NC
Vaseghi Haley 30 Female Chapel Hill NC
Wallace David 79 Male Raleigh NC
Wallace Janna 53 Female Fuquay Varina NC
Warner Trang 38 Female Southern Pines NC
Wiest Becky Jo 69 Male Holly Ridge NC
Wiest Paul 68 Male Holly Ridge NC
Wiest Anna 35 Female Durham NC
Wilkins Veronica 31 Female Clayton NC
witter morgan 24 Female cary NC
Zenker Jimmy 20 Male Wake Forest NC
Zenker Hannah 24 Female Wake Forest NC
Zimmerman Michael 31 Male Durham NC
showing 147 rows